Organic Premium Yemeni Sidr (265g) | (600g)


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About Our Royal Yemen Sidr

The Royal Yemen Sidr is harvested from the famous Sidr Valleys of Hydramaut. It comes from a trusted & sustainable source which
brings only the best quality of Sidr. The Sidr Honey also is known as the exotic, liquid “gold”, is much sought after for its potent antibiotic and antibacterial properties

Royal Yemen Sidr – One of the most expensive, tastiest, and highest quality of honey in the world.

Note: New glass jar/bottle we using now might be different shape than the one as shown.


Royal Yemeni Honey is considered as an Arabian and the Middle Eastern’s luxury. Our Sidr honey is 100% pure organic, natural and unprocessed and tested to ensure its purity and high quality. It has its origins and harvested in the Valley of Hadramaout region of Yemen and is of the highest standard available.



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