CleanBest Sabun Sertu Perkakas/Utensils (NEW 2021 MODEL) 400ml

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New 2021 Bottle Packaging

Now You Can Do Your Own Sertu (Ritual Cleansing)

Sabun Sertu Utensils is made from high quality detergent and the right amount of Clay for Halal Ritual Cleansing. Available in wide range of personal use for travel purpose, in-house usage to special industrial needs like machine dishwasher etc.

– Going On A Holiday & Staying At Rented Apartment?

– Organizing a BBQ?

– Bought A Resale House?

– Worry Of Cross Contamination


❃ Clay content

❃ Halal certified

❃ Ready stock. We ship same day


How To use:

  1. Start with Bismillah
  2. Rinse the affected utensils in clean water
  3. Apply Clean Best Utensils soap
  4. Scrub it normally to affected areas
  5. Finally, rinse it with clean water (5 times)
  6. Wipe with a dry towel
  7. End the sermon with the words of Alhamdulillah


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