Ajwa Aliyah 500g (Medium Size)

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Royal Ajwa Aliyah (Rare due to its excellent quality!) – 500g Store in fridge, dry area; after opening, store in the refrigerator or freezer. Sugar crystals may appear on or beneath the skin over time. Low heat will dissolve these crystals. May have come into contact with nuts.


Renowned for its healing and anti-cancer properties, Ajwa is in a league of its own. Dark colored with fine white lines, Ajwa dates have a distinctive flavor and subtle sweetness.

Introducing our Premium Royal Ajwa dates (big size/soft) – handpicked from deserts of Arabia from trusted, sustainable and ethical farms.

Royal Ajwa Aliyah Dates – The most expensive, tastiest and highest quality of dates in the world.

About our Royal Ajwa Dates

  • Ajwa Dates, the King of Dates, are known for its bold, black and soft, distinct flavor.
  • Just like Caviar is not the same as all fish eggs, Ajwa dates are unlike your typical, large box of dried dates.
  • Just like an apple or avocado, the fruit seed is part of preserving its freshness and shelf life; hence why we only sell dates with pits
  • All Natural, Non-GMO, making each date unique as nature intended but are handpicked to ensure they are free from any infestation.


Royal Ajwa Dates wants you to pamper yourself with the heavenly sweetness known as the King of Dates. Ajwa, the most highest grade of dates in the world, is All-Natural, Non-GMO! Handpicked from the deserts of Arabia from trusted, sustainable and ethical farms, Royal Ajwa Dates is proud to be the pioneer in Asia to introduce Ajwa royal quality dates.

Most notably admired for its bold, distinctive flavor, Ajwa Dates are in a league of their own.  These are unlike any other dates, not just for flavor but for their medicinal benefits which is why it has earned the title of King of Dates.  A perfect addition to your breakfast, a healthy alternative to curb sugar cravings, and a powerful super food that boosts energy.

Indulge! You’ll be glad you did.



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